It believed that knowledge is supreme and the attainment of knowledge is a life-long process seeking enlightment of mind through refinement of thoughts and assimilation of values through education and is a mission in itself, inscribed with this ideas PRERNA LITTLE FLOWER endeavours it to be the ultimate source of dispensation of knowledge. Founded by Gulhane Brothers, pre-primary has established a name for itself the deserve the appellation-TEMPLE OF KNOWLEDGE.

Our pre-primary wing is well equipped and has been setup for this purpose to focus and work on a child-centered education. The classroom and learning space for Prerna Little Flower are aimed to stimulate the child’s interest. Supportive, strong, encouraging, most approachable, adaptable to new ideas etc., has helped the school to function with good working system.
Prerna group is known to keep space with time, Prerna Public School with C.B.S.E. curriculum was established in the year 2006.


The school aims to provide the best possible education for all its pupils.
• Fostering the development of a whole person within a disciplined and ordered working environment, which is secure and caring.
• Creating a positive, happy atmosphere in which pupils take pride in their achievements.
• Pupils and staff work together with mutual respect, courtesy and consideration for others.
• The student will be prepared for music, craft, drawing and painting in the school curriculum.
AT LITTLE FLOWER, learning is joyful experience. Children are molded into confident and compassionate individual, giving them the edge to span the horizon.