1. Each student will be provided the required books for the entire session.

2. The students will have to return the books before final exam. If they are interested in keeping the books upto the end of exam they will have to deposit the amount which will be refunded when the books are returned within 3 days after the concerned exam is over.

3. Before issuing the book / books, students should see that the book/books are not damaged. If there is any kind of damage, the concerned student should inform the librarian immediately. Otherwise the total responsibility will rest with the student and he/she will be fined.

4. If the issued book is lost, the student will have to return a new copy of the lost book. If he/she fails to do so, he/she will have to pay the amount charged by the librarian.

Physical Efficiency Test... 

According to the University Rule (Ordinance No. 3) each student who is admitted has to go through a physical efficiency test. Students who remain absent will have to pay a fine.