Course of Bachelor of Science (Information Technology) (Senior College)......
  B. Sc. (IT) - I
Sr. No. Subjects
1. Compulsory English
2. Languages (Any One) (Hindi, Marathi, Supp.Eng.)
A. Information Technology Group
Paper-I : Component of I.T.
Paper-II :Programming in C++ & OOPS
Paper-III : Database Mgt. System
B. System & Hardware Group
Paper-I : Fundamentals of Digital Electronics
Paper-II : System Analysis & Design
Paper-III : Introduction to Operating System
C. Analytic Computation
Paper-I : Discrete Mathematics
Paper-II : Computer Oriented Statistical Methods
Paper-III : Operation Research
  B. Sc. (IT) - II
Sr. No. Subjects
A. Computer Science (Computer Software)
Paper-I : Principles of Multimedia
Paper-II : Microprocessor & ALP
Paper-III : Management Infor. System
B. Application Software Group
Paper-I : E-Commerce
Paper-III : Java Programming
C. Computational Tools Group
Paper-I : Windows Programming
Paper-II : Data Structure
Paper-III : Linux Operating System
  B. Sc. (IT) - III
Sr. No. Subjects
A. Programming Tools Group
Paper-I : Visual Basic Programming
Paper-II : Dot Net & C Sharp.
Paper-III : SQL Server
B. Network Technique Group
Paper-I : Data Communication & Network
Paper-II : System Simulation
Paper-III : Software Engineering
C. IT Applications
Paper-I : Project Management
Paper-II : Data warehousing & Data Mining
Paper-III : Legal Aspects of I.T.