Course of Bachelor of Computer Application (Senior College)......
  B. C. A. - I
Sr. No. Subjects
1. Compulsory English
2. Languages (Marathi, Hindi, Urdu, Sanskrit & Supp.Eng.) Any One
A. Computer Science (Computer Software)
Paper-I : Information Technology
Paper-II : C++ object oriented programming.
Paper-III : Database Mgt. System
B. Electronics-I (Computer Software)
Paper-I : Linear Electronics
Paper-II : Digital Electronics-I
Paper-III : Digital Electronics-II
C. Analytic Computation
Paper-I : Discrete Mathematical Structure
Paper-II : Computer oriented statistical methods
Paper-III : Operation Research
  B. C. A. - II
Sr. No. Subjects
A. Computer Science (Computer Software)
Paper-I : Operating System concept
Paper-III : System Analysis & Design
B. Electronics-I (Computer Software)
Paper-I : Microprocessor & ALP
Paper-II : PC Maintenance
Paper-III : Computer Hardware Interfacing
C. Computational Methodology
Paper-I : Theory of Computation
Paper-II : Data Structure
Paper-III : Numerical Methods & Error Analysis
  B. C. A. - III
Sr. No. Subjects
A. Computer Science I
Paper-I : Computer Graphics
Paper-II : Compiler
Paper-III : Construction AI & Expert System
B. Computer Science-II
Paper-I : Sofware Engineering
Paper-II : Programming in Visual Basic
Paper-III :Managing Information System
C. Computer Science III
Paper-I : Computer Network & Data
Paper-II : Communication Web Designing
Paper-III : Java Programming