Course of Bachelor of Business Administration (Senior College)......
  B. B. A. - I
Sr. No. Subjects
1. English
2. Principles of Management
3. Business Economics
4. Foundation of Human Skills and Cultural Heritage.
5. Financial & Cost Accounting
6. Computer Application for Business
7. Statistical Methods for Business
  B. B. A. -II
Sr. No. Subjects
1. Effective Communication
2. Principles of Marketing Management
3. Human Resource Management
4. Production & Material Management
5. Management Accounting & Financial Management
6. Business & Industrial Laws
7. Environment Management
  B. B. A. - III
Sr. No. Subjects
1. Entrepreneurship Development
2. Service Sector Management
3. Logistics Management
4. Retail Sales Management
5. Elective I
6. Project Work
Elective Subject
a) Financial Management
b) Human Resource Management
c) Marketing Management
d) Family Business Management