“ Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have miles to go before I sleep.”

With inexplicable joy, I put forward few lines in front of you all as the Principal of Prerna International School. Prerna International school & Prerna Little Flower, has always maintained an excellent standard of hospitality and has been successful in providing best education and extra-curricular activities to its students. To make our students extra-ordinary, we provide a platform where every student is motivated to put their best and realize their full potential. Our aim is to deliver the best service and enhance the knowledge of our students. Character building and moral teaching is also a part of education, and so we give importance to discipline, curricular and co-curricular activities, seminars and workshops. The school organizes Health Check-up camps, science and art exhibition, book exhibition, “Swacha Vidyalaya Abhiyan”, inter school Art Competition etc. 

“Education is to endow young intellect with tools to ascent high and think beyond zenifth ”. Handwork, honesty, devotion, dedication sacrifice etc. keep our school moving forward every year. We ensure you that our commitment, attention, care and quality will transform your wards into highly talented individuals.

I am very sure that an interested and well co-ordinated team work of school management, teachers, parents, students, non-teaching staff and all the well wishers of the school would definitely yield excellent results for the school.

“Life is a challenge : accept it
Life is an adventure : enjoy it
Life is a struggle : face it
Life is a puzzle : solve it
Life is a song : sing it.”

Best Wishes

Dr. Samuel Roy