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My message is especially for the parents 

Every child deserves a good education that equips them with good skill , to lead a healthy life and to prepare himself for the future, Because today’s world has become very competitive and emerging with new technologies.

Therefore we need our children to be confident and intelligent to cope with day to day challenges effectively. But simultaneously we have to give contemporary and futuristic education to develop our children into flexible, smart individual who can adapt to the changing needs and stand up against the odds. 

We believe that every child is unique in this world. Some are talented, some have mental ability, some have strong personality.
So parents from your busy life give some time to your child and feel their feeling to develop our child to grow as high as he wants. If the child is not moulded and nurtured carefully he may lose direction in life.

'I cannot but we can' mould our child to build a better nation.

Mrs. Dimple Sakhare
Principal Incharge