Children themselves are unique in talent, capabilities and aspirations with natural sense of curiosity.To facilitate this by providing a stimulating healthy and caring environment.

At Prerna little flower we recognize that children experience life at their own level, to support it.We accept each child with his uniqueness.

Here each child is recognize with his individuality and is nutured in that way only.So that he or she can be confident to develop and enrich is potential.

"Developmental milestone is a skill that child acquires within a specific time frame".

Developmental milestones include Physical, Mental, Social and Emotional development.

We strive to develop child's individual talent, creativity and communication skills which are essential for his success in the future.

Our mission is to pursue excellence and set the pace in a stress free learning environment and develop the spirit of courage with his head held high.

All this will be only possible with your support, so let's have camaraderie to enhance the uniqueness of all those young ones.

Mrs. Varada V. Pathak