1. Students admitted to any Class shall not be allowed to change the course and subject once selected.

2. In case of cancellation of admission on any ground, fees will not be refunded.

3. Use of mobile within the College premises is strictly Prohibited.

4. Late comers will not be allowed to enter the premises, once the gates are closed. Gates will be closed five minutes before classes begin.

5. Students will not be allowed to leave the premises once they are inside till the classes are over. A note from the parents should be brought else the student will not be permitted to go.

6. Chewing betel nut and tobacco in the College premises will be treated as a serious offence and students will be punished severely.

7. Students damaging College property will be punished.

8. Students will be responsible for their own belongings.

9. Uniform is Compulsory for Jr. College Students. 
(as per Instruction given by college office at the Time of Admission)

10. Picnic and gathering will not be organised and election will not be held.


1. Every student admitted to the college must attend at least 75% of the lectures / practical delivered / arranged separately in each subject.

2. If a student is not able to attend the lecture / practical and needs leave, he/she should make a written request stating the reason of leave. On reasonable ground leave will be granted, but the student will not be marked present for that day.

3. If a student absent continuously for a month without giving intimation (in Writing) his/her admission will be cancelled.

Dress Code

1. For Boys : Shirt F/S - Sky Blue Spun with Monogram, Full Pant - Dark Blue Matty

2. For Girls : Kurta - Sky Blue with Monogram, Salwar - DarkmBlue, Chunni - Dark Blue


Prerna Junior College